Guarantee of Quality

High-quality products need high-quality raw materials. For this reason, we only cooperate with the best suppliers and transport specialists. Our purchasing department and our quality management select all suppliers according to stringent standards. Already at the arrival of the raw materials at our site, we examine the substances carefully in order to process them under special conditions.

This is how our fresh baked goods are made:
Combining the latest technologies with over 80 years of baking tradition.

Even though our products really don’t require it: we value a rapid turnover of our goods. Since we produce order-based goods, our storage period is an average of 15 days.

We think, the fresher, the better applies to long-life baked goods as well!

Our company has been certified at a “higher level” according to the IFS (International Featured Standard) for years.

The IFS food standard has been accepted world-wide as the measure for quality management in food production. IFS certified companies are being examined on a yearly basis by external auditors who visit the sites unannounced for several days to conduct their audits.

Our motto is: we want the customer to return, and not the product!